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B306 Wireless Doorbell with Plug Through Chime 50m

B306 Wireless Doorbell with Plug Through Chime 50m


The Byron B3 Series Wireless Doorbell Kit is the perfect, easy to install doorbell for any home, no need for wiring. Just follow the simple step by step instructions and your new doorbell will be working in no time. Customise your doorbell with a choice of 2 melodies.

The IP44 rated weatherproof bell push and portable chime unit have a range up to 50 metres open distance. This reduces with walls and obstacles:

- Open distance: 100% range
- Wooden walls and larger furniture items: 80 - 95% range
- Stone walls and large obstacles: 60 - 80% range
- Metal walls and large obstacles: 0 - 20% range

Easy to install

Plug in your new doorbell, then simply press your bell push to pair and the doorbell will ring. It couldn’t be easier. Using the fixings supplied, mount the bell push quickly and easily. Uses unique coding to eliminate interference from neighbouring chimes.

Comes with a 2 year warranty, for extra peace of mind.

Push: 1 x 23A battery (included)

B305: 1 x Plug In Chime & 1 x Wireless Push
B306: 1 x Plug Though Chime & 1 x Wireless Push

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