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238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter 42878

238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter 42878


The Ridgid 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter cuts cast iron soil pipe quickly and easily in tight spaces. It is designed to cut to to 200mm (8in) soil pipe when driven by an impact driver (minimum 340Nm torque) or 100mm (4in) with the included ratchet.

The 238-P is lightweight and - at only 6.1kg - it is easy to mount in difficult places. It has a compact design and low profile cutter wheels to fit into tight places in both overhead and below ground applications.

The pipe cutter allows two-directional operation to allow scoring of the pipe for a clean cut. A patent pending torque limiter protects the tool from overloading.

Capacity (Ratchet / Impact Driver):

No-Hub Soil Pipe: 32-100mm / 32-200mm.
Clay Pipe: 50-100mm / 50-200mm.
Concrete Pipe: 100mm / 100-150mm.

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