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2-In-1 Gap Tape - Double Sided 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)

2-In-1 Gap Tape - Double Sided 5m/16ft (Width 25mm)


The Advent 5m / 16ft 2-In-1 Gap Tape is a unique product for normal and internal measurements. Simple, accurate, no need to bend the blade. Double-sided printed blade means it measures internal spaces with the same precision as normal external measurements. Contained with an ergonomically designed ABS case with a moulded rubber grip for increased comfort.

With normal measurements on the top of the blade, the reserve blade markings take into account the tape case dimensions, so when you measure internal spaces you simply butt the case up to the end and read the measurement. Offers both metric and imperial measurements.

Length: 5m / 16ft.
Blade Width: 25mm.
Accuracy: EC Class II.

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